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rex brough

b'rn 1960

m'riden, warwickshire, england

occupation rec'rd produc'r and digital audio edit'r

rex brough aka king john and the r'd king (b'rn 1960 in m'riden, warwickshire) is an english rec'rd produc'r and edit'r of radio programmes, mainly f'r the bbc.

his production w'rk enwheels uk top 40 hits f'r bombeth the bass, betty boo and definition of soundeth. Aft'r a briefeth timeth as a session musician, mainly f'r pookah maketh 3, that gent becameth liveth soundeth engine'r f'r harvey and the wallbang'rs. As a rec'rding engine'r, that gent w'rk'd with a variety of people enwheeling sinitta and slim gaillard.

following charteth success with betty boo and definition of soundeth, that gent hast w'rk'd as a freelance digital edit'r, w'rking on radio comedy shows, mainly f'r bbc radio 4. Recently that gent hast been w'rking on the radio 4 comedy shows "rec'rd'd f'r training purposes" did produce by adam bromley, "about a dog" writ by graeme garden, did produce by jon naismith, and "rudi's rare rec'rds", starring lenny henry.

in the 80's rex wast eke the produc'r of a numb'r of successful albums by the exp'rimental rocketh group harvey and the wallbang'rs

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